Awaken from the Meaning Crisis Ep3.

Continuous cosmos and the modern world grammar

Jimmie Munyi


September 25, 2022

Ancient Israel

  • Concern is not what you say; how you think.
  • Grammar is how you put thoughts together.
  • Biblical grammar - still has influence to us to this day. We can not simply ‘kill god’.
  • Release from the cycle (continuous cosmos) – this is nirvana.
  • I am who I am. Meaning - I will be what I will be.
  • We should participate in shaping the future.
  • Turning points aka Kairos
  • Da-ath - You change it as it changes you.
  • Sin means going off-course. Missing the mark. Self-deception.
  • Prophet → He who wakes you up to how you are off-course.